Rcube is a professional Energy management and Automation company involved in Design, Trading and Servicing of Energy Efficient Products.

   Rcube is a one-stop Point offering comprehensive solutions in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
Rcube was formed as a response to the economic need and the opportunity to use the qualifications, extensive industry experience, knowledge and skills of a team of young, vibrant and highly ambitious entrepreneurs to empower themselves through self employment.We continually strives to surpass the performance of any other electrical contractor with its professionalism, dedication,commitment and technical skills.

       >> Energy Saving Projects
       >> AC & DC Drives
       >> PLC and SCADA
       >> HVAC Controls
       >> Material Handling Controls
       >> Elevator and Hoist Controls
       >> Process Instrumentation
       >> Safety Systems
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Specializing in  Energy Management  and Automation Systems
More than 65% of industrial electrical   energy   is   consumed   by electric   motors.  Worldwide governments are realising  the  need  to  encourage effective energy saving and reducing CO2  emission  by  using variable frequency drives. Now Rcube joined in this community and working for the same.
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