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Proximity Sensors: 
       There are two types Inductive and Capacitive. Inductive sensors detect metallic objects at an operating distance of up to 50mm. 

Photoelectric Sensors: 
        light-reflecting or opaque objects at an operating distance of 5 meters and more. They can also be used with fiber-optic cable for detection of extremely small objects.

Ultrasonic sensors: 
       Detect the position of objects with a sound-reflecting surface. They may be used at an operating distance of up to 6 meters.

Optical Encoders:
       Multi-turn absolute 12,14,16 bit resolution shaft encoder for applications requiring measurement of long distances or a high word count.  Choice of code formats, driver options and rotation control. 
Incremental Multi-turn encoders with single ended/differential output from 100 ppm to 2500 ppm and 10,000 to 50,000 ppm bring multiplier interpolation techniques. 

The above can also be offered with hollow shaft.

Pressure Transducers & Transmitters (Absolute, Gauge & Differential) : 
       From very low pressure
       10 mm WC to very high pressure 1200 bar.

Melt Pressure Transducers : 
       For plastic process industries.

Specialized Temperature Sensors & Transmitters (RTD, Thermocouples & Thermistors) :
       Temperature measurements ranging from cryogenic (-) 180ºC applications to very hightemperature like 1800ºC.

Humidity Sensors & Transmitters :
        For Industrial, Chemical, Petro-chemical, Air Conditioning(HVAC) Green House and for high temperature ovens. Designed specifically for operating under 100% Rh wettable to operating temperatures up to 200º C.

Flow Sensors & Transmitters : 
       Turbine type, Vane type for liquid media and Thermal mass flowcontrollers for gas media.

Load Cells & Torque Sensors with Transmitters :
        For applications in Weigh Bridges, UniversalTesting Machines and Platform Scales

High Speed Data Acquisition System : 
       Micro controller based Process Controller & Indicatorswith interface to PC and sub-systems.We have been catering products to various Defence applications and also to process industries.

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