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       Power Plants
       Hydro Carbon
       Petro Chemicals
       Water Treatment & DM Plant
       Synthetic Fiber
       Tyre / Rubber
       Elevator & Cranes
       Light House
       Plastic / Cable
       Engineering Services DCS SCADA EPC Contractors
       Others / SPMS
       Printing and Packaging
       Rare Earth

Application (Steel)  
         Galvanising Line with Furnace Automation
         Jet Coating Machine
         Galvanising Line
         Tandem Annealing and Decarburising Line with Furnace Automation
         Walking Hearth Furnace
         Bogie Hearth Furnace

Application (Metals)  
         Welding Plant
         Gas Recovery System
         Furnace Roll Drives & PLC

Application (Chemicals)   
         Sulphuric Acid Plant
         Acetic Acid Plant
         Oxygen Manufacturing
         Grease Manufacturing Plant
         Distillation Column
         Perfume Manufacturing Plant
         Adhesives & Emulsions

Application (Pharma)     

Application (Power Plants)     
         Captive Power Plants
         Hydro Electric Plants
     •     Bio Mass Based

Application (Hydro - Carbon) 
         Gas Pipeline SCADA Systems
         Terminal Automation
         Off - Shore Platform

Application (Petro Chemicals)     

         Tank Gauging
         Pipeline SCADA
         Terminal Automation
         Off - Shore Platform

Application (Textile)     

         Sizing and Warping Machine
         Combing Machine / Ringframes

Application (Synthetic Fibre)     

         Pump House Automation & Process Control  Plant.
     •    CS2 Plant.
         Viscose Tank.

 Application (Tyre/rubber)    
         Calender Machine
         Tyre Curing Machine
         Rubber Processing Machinery

Application (Paper)  
     •Filler Layer Automation

 Application (Cement)
         Water Supply Control
         Weigh Feeders

Application (Elevator & Cranes)  
         Material Handling Equipments

Application (Light House)
         Various Light House Automation

Application (Plastic/Cable) 
         Cable Manufacturing

Application (Entertainment)  
         Revolving Dance Floor

HVAC (Deliverables)     
Application (Others/SPMS) 
         Diamond Cutting Machinery
         Special Purpose Machinery
         Industrial Washing Machines

Application (Conveyor)     

Application (Vehicle) 
         Bicycle Manufacturer

Printing & Packaging (Deliverables)   

Application (Rare Earth) 
Non - Metals

   Project experts who are looking for a reliable and experienced partners to take care of Control and Automation part, right from the stage of design, detail engineering upto commissioning on turnkey basis.
        OEMs who are interested in making their equipments competitive with state of the art modern and cost effective control systems.
        Users in all process industries who are seeking viable and permanent automation solutions to overcome technical deficiencies in their current processes.
        Big System Vendors and Project Companies who wish to outsource engineering services like development of PLC program, DCS graphics, SCADA/HMI Screens, documentation.
        OEMs as well as users who require electrical control panels with emphasis on precision and timely deliveries.
        Young and talented Automation Engineers who strive to add value to themselves as well as to the company.


We manufacture automation training kits (drives, plcs and instrumentation) for engineering colleges. 
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